Bank of Canada Raises Rate to 5%. A new normal?

It is time to wait 6-12 months then buy in 2024-2026? The Bank of Canada has taken a bold step by raising its overnight lending rate to 5%, reaching its highest level in over two decades. This move comes after a consecutive 0.25%

267 Rachel Est – Plateau-Mont-Royal

1979-2009 L’hospice Auclair, 267 rue Rachel Est Cet édifice construit en 1894 sur la rue Rachel, à l’angle de l’avenue Henri-Julien, servait originellement de résidence pour les vieillards et à la population défavorisée de la paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste (sur le Plateau Mont-Royal). L’édifice fut

Condos in Montreal and Understanding Bully Offer

Entering the Montreal real estate market as a first-time buyer can be a mix of excitement and uncertainty, especially when it comes to purchasing a condo. To navigate this journey confidently, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of key terms and strategies

Who Needs A Dining Room In A Condo, Right?

In 2006, when moving into his first condo, the author recognized the need for a female perspective to prevent it from becoming a stereotypical bachelor pad. Despite being organized and neat, the author sought help with furnishing the condo. With the assistance of