Rental Market in Montreal: A Closer Look at Condo Investments and Affordable Housing

The rental market in Montreal has experienced significant growth in recent years, making it an attractive choice for both investors looking for condo opportunities and individuals seeking affordable housing options. This article explores the dynamics of the rental market in Montreal, the factors

3 Modern Condos Trends for 2023

In the realm of interior design, conjuring the illusion of spaciousness within the confines of a small condo demands a deft touch, a symphony of materials, colors, and patterns that entwine and dance in mesmerizing harmony. Behold, the masterful interplay of a glass

Bank of Canada Raises Rate to 5%. A new normal?

It is time to wait 6-12 months then buy in 2024-2026? The Bank of Canada has taken a bold step by raising its overnight lending rate to 5%, reaching its highest level in over two decades. This move comes after a consecutive 0.25%

Condos in Montreal and Understanding Average Condo Fees

If you’re a first-time buyer venturing into the Montreal real estate market, condos present an appealing option for homeownership. With its lively city life, cultural diversity, and thriving neighborhoods, Montreal offers an exciting place to call home. In this comprehensive guide, we will

Montreal Condo Market Remains Stable Despite Rising Interest Rates in Q1 2023

Montreal’s real estate market has remained strong over the past year, and the first quarter of 2023 is no exception. Despite rising interest rates, the Montreal condo market has remained stable, with prices holding relatively steady. Impact of Interest Rates on Montreal Condo

Charm and Elegance of 137 Rue St-Pierre Lofts

The article describes the unique features of the 137 Rue St. Pierre loft project in Old Montreal. The building is a historic structure that has been renovated into modern and luxurious loft spaces. Each unit features unique design elements, such as exposed brick

Steady Growth and Promising Prospects: A Look at Montreal’s 2023 Real Estate Market Quarter

In the first quarter of 2023, the Montreal real estate market saw a surge in the number of condos sold. According to data from the Association professionnelle des courtiers immobiliers du Québec (APCIQ), the Greater Montreal Area saw a 32% increase in condo

Real Estate Dreams with Inflation: Finding Your First Condo This Summer

With the rising inflation in Canada, there are growing concerns among Canadians about its impact on the real estate market. Inflation is an economic phenomenon where the general price level of goods and services increases over time, resulting in a decrease in purchasing

Montreal Condo Sales Drop by 10% in Q1 2023, APCIQ Reports

According to a recent poll conducted by Angus Reid, three-quarters of homeowners in Canada are worried about their mortgage renewal. In Montreal, this concern is especially relevant as the real estate market is facing unique challenges in the first quarter of 2023. Montreal

How to Write a Winning Bid Letter in a Real Estate Bidding War

In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s not uncommon for a property to receive multiple offers, resulting in a bidding war between buyers. In these situations, it’s essential to make your offer stand out from the rest, and one effective way to do